Kametaya Sake Brewery


The Kametaya brewery is definitely worth a visit. Seeped in history, the brewery occupies one of the original farm houses of the area and if you are prepared to travel a little further, you will find it nestled in the foothills of the mountains and surrounded by trees. The long straight road leading up to the brewery is the original road used by the merchants of yesteryear. Visitors are shown in through the trade entrance where the horse and cart would have entered and can see the grooves from the original gate. Shoes off and up the stairs into the farmhouse. The rooms still contain much of the original furniture and the house itself makes for an interesting tour all on its own! If you are looking for traditional ceremonial sites you will find a small shrine (dousojin), too. It is painted every year as part of a ceremony connected to the harvesting of the rice and the melting of the snow.

After the tour visitors are invited to try some of the brewery’s sake, and are free to browse the little shop where visitors can purchase gift boxes of various blends to take home to relatives and friends.

Reservations are needed to see the old historical building.

2748 Shimadachi
Business Hours
Weekends 9:30−17:00
Entrance closes at 16:30.
Around New Year's Day
Obon holiday



10-min ride to Shimonii Sta. on the Kamikochi Line then a 5-min walk from Kamikochi Line's Shimonii Station
Aug 6, 2018