Plan Your Trip

Tourist Information Centers

For when you need tourist information or help with booking a place to stay (day-of reservations). Computers and Wi-Fi are also available.

Location Matsumoto Station Building 3F in front of the ticket gates
Open 9:00–17:45, closed Dec 29–Jan 3
Tel 0263-32-2814 Fax 0263-32-2841
Address 1-1-1 Fukashi E-mail


Location One block south of Matsumoto Castle at the traffic light on the corner of Matsumoto Castle S.
Open 9:00–17:45, closed Dec 29–Jan 3
Tel 0263-39-7176 Fax 0263-39-7320
Address 3-8-13 Ote E-mail

Matsumoto Experience Information Center

Get information on and register for activities and cultural experiences in Matsumoto.

Location On the first floor of the Shinmai Media Garden building, a 7-min walk from Matsumoto Station on the way to Matsumoto Castle.
Open 10:00–20:00 (Tues–Thurs)
Address Shinmai Media Garden 1F, 2-20-2 Chuo