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The bicycles are convenient for visiting sights not accessible by Town Sneaker Bus—you will not win the Tour de France on one, but you can get your souvenirs in the front basket. Details are also available at Matsumoto Tourist Information Centers.

Rental and ‘share’ cycles

Rental cycles are available at Nakamachi Street Parking Lot daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (Oct – Apr: to 4 p.m) for 500 yen / one time.
Information is available in English on the Nakamachi official website

The other free bicycles known as ‘Rikisha’ are also available at some hotels.

Share cycles can be rented through the Hello Cycling smartphone app (partly in English, credit card required).


As Japan drives on the left side of the road, bicycles should also be ridden on the left side. Many of the streets around Matsumoto Station have bike lanes, and you should make every effort to ride in the road with traffic when possible. Don’t hesitate to use your bike bell and be on the lookout for elderly cyclists or pedestrians suddenly cutting in front of you!

What to do if there’s an accident: In event of an accident, drivers are obliged to contact the police & bow at you until they get a nosebleed/get a mortgage to pay you off. In all seriousness, apologizing can land you in hot water, so try to speak directly to the police only. Hit-and-runs do occur. Try to get the number of the car and insist on medical attention. Dial 110 for police and 119 for an ambulance.