The Spring Water Excursion Diaries, ep. 1

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Fri, May 19, 2023


Matsumoto Spring Water Excursion

Recently, I picked up this little map called “Matsumoto Spring Water Excursion” (which I later discovered is an initiative of this website).
The map shows the location of 19 wells and a number of springs all over the city, where you can drink fresh mountain water (and even take some with you).

I decided to take this map as a chance to go on a treasure hunt in the city, searching for the wells and looking at all the interesting things I could come across on my way.

Here is today’s itinerary!

Today’s itinerary!

The starting point today is Matsumoto station! It is a sunny spring day (it’s the middle of May) and it’s very hot. If you are coming to Matsumoto in March, April, or May, it is very hard to predict the weather as it tends to be very unstable with notable thermal excursion and spring wind.

33°C May 18th 2023

On a day like this, it is important to use sunscreen and stay hydrated throughout the day!


Let’s go!

1. Off to Fukashi Spring!

I cross to start walking on the big road right in front of the station, to find the first spring!

And here I come across the flutist of Matsumoto Station.

It is a lovely day, there are flowers everywhere, they smell so nice and make my walk really pleasant!

This little area is called “Hanadokei Park”, sometimes you can see people dancing here. In summer, the city hosts gourmet events with live music in this park.

Hanadokei Park and Parco

You can even see Parco, which used to be the most popular mall in town, but is now about to close.


Something is wrong…
Checking the map I realize that the first spring is right in front of the station, so I am on the wrong track. So I head back.

Fukashi no Yusui Well is right in front of the station, near the statue of Banryu Shonin (the first person to successfully climb all the way to the top of Mt. Yarigatake).

Banryu Shonin


Genchi no Ido Well

The second well is the most famous well in town. I am back on the big road and I turn left when I see the Miyamuramachi sign.

Following the map, I found it right away! Here it is.

This well has a long history of providing Matsumoto People with fresh water, it’s impressive!

Genchi Natural Spring-fed Well

Hinode Well

As I was walking to the fourth well I found this temporary art exhibition by painter Kiyoaki Matsumori and sculptor Hiroshi Ito!
Unfortunately, by the time you read this article the exhibition will be over, but you can find their work online!

Hinode Well

Hinode well is right near Aeon Mall. Maybe it’s because I was so tired from my long walk under the sun, but this was the most delicious water I ever drank!

More than approved


Scavenger Hunt Thoughts

When visiting a place it’s easy to choose the most popular touristic locations and miss out on everything else, on the other hand, just aimlessly walking around, it is not a given that you will come across something interesting. Going on this treasure hunt, I could see some relevant places in the city and a the same time I could find so many things I hadn’t noticed before and I could even find a wonderful art exhibition I wouldn’t have known about othervise.

If you are in Matsumoto, try the spring water excursion!


Stay tuned for the second part!