Matsumoto Taiko Festival — From the Main Stage!

Tue, Jul 31, 2018
Matsumoto Taiko Festival — From the Main Stage!

The main stage performances were cancelled on the first day of the Taiko Festival due to typhoon weather, but the show went on the next day! Needless to say, Matsumoto Castle was packed with tons of taiko drum lovers.

Musashi Ogose High School’s Seiryu Taiko Club

A high school taiko club from Saitama Prefecture.

They put on a powerful performance filled with youthful energy that wowed the audience!


Santoko (Matsumoto)

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The Senryu Taiko club


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Senryu, a taiko group from Aichi Prefecture, put on an especially fun show mixed with comical moments.


Matsumoto Castle Kojo Taiko Club

Kojo Taiko Club

Yutakaya Taiko Club (Saitama Pref.)

Check out their amazing performance on Facebook!

Wajima Toranosuke Taiko Club

A more traditional group from Ishikawa Prefecture that has won many awards and played in New York’s Carnegie Hall.

You can see their fantastic performance on Facebook as well.



Shidara (pro group)

Shidara is a professional taiko group based in Aichi Prefecture’s Okumikawa region who strives to preserve the traditional performing arts of Japan. This year was their second time at the Matsumoto Taiko Festival.

Check out a video of their show on Facebook.


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The grand finale!

The finale was a breathtaking, joint performance put on by Shidara and all the taiko groups from Matsumoto that participated in the festival.

Check out the video on Facebook.


Again, if you missed the taiko festival this year, shoot for next year! Just check out the event page for the latest info.