Fukashi Shrine

History / Sightseeing
Wed, May 17, 2023
Fukashi Shrine

Fukashi Shrine (or Fukashi Jinja) is located in the southern part of Matsumoto, within a 10-minute walking distance from Matsumoto Train Station.
Whereas it is not the most popular touristic destination, this shrine has a rich history and it is an important part of the city.
In fact, Fukashi used to be the name of the castle town of Matsumoto.

The local Lord founded the shrine in 1339 by Lord Ogasawara Sadamune, who dedicated it to Takeminakata no Mikoto (the deity of war who watched over the city) after winning the battle.
The shrine is a propitiatory place for learning or sports.

Every summer it hosts a festival on the 24th and the 25th of July.

Road to the Shrine
The Entrance
Let’s take a closer look
The lions at the gate
A big rock


This is where you rinse your hands before entering the shrine
A little shrine in the middle
Votive tablets
Statue of scholar Sugawara Michizane
The main part of the Shrine were ceremonies are held


The garden of the Shrine


The shrine features all the characteristics of Japanese shrines and it is a relevant part of the city’s history. It is generally not crowded, which will make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable!