How to eat Lunch in Matsumoto for 500 yen

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Thu, Jun 29, 2023
How to eat Lunch in Matsumoto for 500 yen

Today I want to teach you how to eat lunch for 500 in Matsumoto.
Recently the prices for food have gone up quite a bit, and it is important to use some tips and tricks to save money.
In Nagano Prefecture, you can find this handy booklet which features a selection of restaurants that offer lunch for 500 yen if you have it with you.
In Matsumoto, this is called “500 yen de dou zura?” and you can buy it at Seven Eleven or at the bookshop.

Today I had 500 yen lunch at Everest, which is near Matsumoto Station.
The restaurant has a beautiful atmosfere, with colorful decor and uplifting music in the background!

This is what I got for 500 yen!
This restaurant offers vegetarian options as well, the curry you see was the day’s special with potatoes and eggplants. It was delicious!

Nepalese cuisine is popular in Matsumoto City, so you will find plenty of Nepalese Restaurant. Everest is the easiest to reach from the train station so it’s perfect for hungry travellers!

How to use “500 yen de dou zura?”

“500 yen de dou zura?” costs 1000 yen, you can use it three times for each restaurant, and the selection changes every three months.
The one that you see in the picture can be used from June 1st until August 31st. In some restaurants, the coupon is only valid during certain hours.
Here is where you can check dates and hours!

Everest Restaurant and Bar