Matsumoto in the rain – ASMR video and three suggestions for your rainy day

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Thu, Mar 28, 2024
Matsumoto in the rain - ASMR video and three suggestions for your rainy day

For my March entries I have waited for the nice and sunny warm spring days to arrive before I headed out to take pictures.
But what happened is I waited, and waited and waited.

In my opinion, March is the hardest month in Matsumoto. It is hard to deal with the fatigue from a long rigid winter, it still snows quite a lot, and spring is late to arrive.

The first days after the great cold was over were rainy days.

So I have a nice ASMR video for you


So what to do if you have come all the way to Matsumoto and you find this kind of weather?
Here are some suggestions on what to do on a rainy day in Matsumoto.

Visit Asama Onsen and take a bath

It is only a 20 minute bus ride from the terminal, and you should be able to easily reach Hot Plaza Asama, which is the biggest thermal facility in Asama. Since it’s a cold day you can enjoy warming up in a hot bath.
There is a number of other facilities in Asama, however this one is easily reached by bus without having to walk too long so I want to recommend it when the weather is not ideal.


Maruzen is a chain of libraries in Japan, which also sells stationery. Japanese stationery shops are generally really appreciated by visitors and if that applies to you too, this could be your chance to take a look.

Maruzen is at one minute on foot from the bus terminal, quite easy to reach.

Stay at your accommodation and enjoy nihonshu

If you are feeling tired, take the chance to rest and enjoy nihonshu. This region is one of the best for Japanese rice liquor. Near the station you will find many specialized stores that can recommend a good bottle.


I hope you still get to enjoy your day in Matsumoto, even when the weather is not ideal.