Bacca Brewing, a microbrewery in Matsumoto

Thu, Feb 29, 2024
Bacca Brewing, a microbrewery in Matsumoto

Today it’s the end of February.
The last weeks of February and the first of March are usually quite busy. Everyone is preparing for the new school and work year in April.
Today I decided to pay a visit to Bacca Brewing, the only microbrewery in town.


Bacca Brewing opened in 2018 in Matsumoto.
The owner worked for a while in the USA where he got interested in beer. He then came back to Japan to open his brewery.
He chose this former barber salon from the Taisho Era and redesigned it while also DYIing most of the furniture.

For example the counter used to be part of a religious building.


Besides the “Bacca Pale Ale” which he continues to brew with the same recipe since 2018, the owner offers a unique rotation of beers while coming up with new recipes every three weeks. These are inspired by the seasonal ingredients he comes across.

Today I tried this strawberry beer.

I also asked the owner which out of the beers he made in the past year is his favorite, and he said this melon beer, so I tried this one as well.

I was curious to try this chocolate beer too, so I decided to take one can home for another time.

In spring I want to come back again to try the Sakura beer he is currently brewing!



If you would like to eat something along with your drink, the owner collaborates with the kitchen next door to offer some snacks.

If you come to Matsumoto, make sure you stop by Bacca Brewing for a drink!

If you go

Bacca Brewing
Matsumoto, Habaue 4-33