Tenshi no Warabimochi

Fri, Mar 29, 2024
Tenshi no Warabimochi

In March you will find that convenience stores, shops, and supermarkets (sometimes breweries and restaurants too) begin to offer Sakura flavored desserts and drinks.

This is the case of Tenshi no Warabimochi in Nakamachi, Matsumoto, where I stopped to try the Sakura drink on my way back from work.

Warabimochi is a traditional dessert, a little pastry made from a special starch that results in a soft chewy mochi. Tenshi no Warabimochi (The Angel’s Warabimochi), besides offering regular warabimochi, offers a “warabimochi you can drink”.
They offer matcha taste, brown sugar tatste, and seasonal flavors.


here are the flavors
here are the flavors


Warabimochi you can drink tops warabimochi with a milky drink and whip cream. It is a nice combination of wagashi and a cute drink that will appeal to young people.

Today I tried Sakura!
Actually, I know that many people dislike the taste of sakura treats and I think it is a divisive flavor. However I like it and I look forward to this kind of treat every spring. 

I enjoyed my drink and if you are in town now I recommend trying either Sakura or Brown Sugar “Warabimochi you can drink”.

These wings on the wall are another beloved feature of the shop where you can take an angelic picture!
I hope you enjoy your angelic drink!

If you go:

Tenshi no Warabimochi Matsumoto
〒390-0811 Nagano, Matsumoto, Central, 2 Chome−5−11 1F