Enjoy Showa Retro and “hakoniwa” at Kamenoya

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Mon, Apr 15, 2024
Enjoy Showa Retro and

In recent years people have found a renewed appreciation for the “Showa Retro” vibe, visiting businesses that have been operational since “the old days”, or new businesses that have opened in old buildings to retrieve a taste of the “nostalgic Japan” that you can sometimes enjoy in the most popular anime.


Examples of places where you can enjoy “Showa Retro” can be old movie theaters, bath houses and a type of cafe that in Japan is called “kissaten”.
This is the case of Kamenoya in Matsumoto. This Cafe opened in 2016. The owner is a fan of kissaten culture, and opened three cafes in town. 


Even seen from outside the building is quite picturesque, covered in ivy on one side.
The unique thing of this cafe that you can only enjoy here is the “hakoniwa” or garden in a box, which in my opinion is impressive and worth seeing.

Walking inside you can immerse yourself in the atmosfere of an old cafè with old wooden tables and old style chairs and sofas. If you are lucky, you can sit next the big window that faces the private  “hakoniwa” garden with a statue and a fountain.

Two things to appreciate at this cafè are the menu that serves cream sodas, toasts and coffee floats, along with a curated selection of coffees, and the rotation of music of the Showa Era, making this the perfect location to enjoy the Showa Retro vibe in Matsumoto.

Today I ordered red beans and butter toast and a watermelon flavored coffee. 
The most popular menu, according to the cafe staff, is the pudding so I recommend trying it!

The cafe also sells a selection of local blends like wasabi coffee, shichimi coffee, wasabi coffee and apple coffee with the typical flavors of this regions, which I recommend if you want to bring back a unique souvenir from Matsumoto!


If you go:

Matsumoto City 
Ote 4-7-22 Ote