New Gourmet Guide of Nakamachi Street

Wed, Feb 20, 2013

The old house street, Nakamachi, is a popular shopping and also sightseeing spot in Matsumoto among foreigners and Japanese.

There are also more than 40 restaurants along the street so now it is a “gourmet street”.

Now, new free Nakamachi gourmet guide leaflets (English edition and Japanease edition) have been editted and printed. Restaurants owners shared its cost.

It gives you information on some menus and prices, location, hours, closed days, western/Japanese seating, no-smoking area, C/Card availability, and cover charge which is a Japanese custom so sometimes causes troubles, of each restaurant.

Now you don’t need to be scared before you enter restaurants in Nakamachi!

You can get the guide leaflet in Nakamachi, TIC’s in Matsumoto Station and in front of the Castle and some hotels.

You can see PDF version here.