Fukujuso Festival in Shiga

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Tue, Feb 19, 2013
Fukujuso Festival in Shiga

Fukujuso Festival will be held in Shiga from March 2nd to 20th.

Fukujuso (Far East Amur adonis or “adonis ramosa”) is a popular spring flower which is distributed in mountain forests throughout Japan.    In Matsumoto area, this tiny wild flower is a sign of advent of spring.   Fukujuso Park in Shiga, about 0.5 million fukujuso grows naturally within this 1.5 hectares park, and  there is no other place with same amount of fukujuso in  Nagano.  Tens of thousand people come to see these adorable early spring flowers during this festival period.

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To get there, take Alpico local line “Shiga line” from Matsumoto bus terminal.   It takes about 30 minutes to reach to “Fukujuso Park” from downtown Matsumoto.  (Please be careful with the schedule, the bus comes only once in 2~3 hours.)

In Shiga, there is a very nice onsen ryokan(B&B) calledMatsutake Sanso.  Not only its high quality natural hot spring water, they serve delicious cuisine in the restaurant (lunch and dinner, no reservation required).

Matsutake Sanso offers day visit hot springs which tourists can use without making a reservation.   Since the bus comes once in 2~3 hours, it will be nice to rest and be relaxed in onsen facility while waiting for the return bus.

Enjoy nice holiday in Shiga!!