The Spring Water Excursion Diaries, ep. 2

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Fri, Jun 30, 2023
The Spring Water Excursion Diaries, ep. 2


A while ago, I picked up this little map called “Matsumoto Spring Water Excursion” (which I later discovered is an initiative of this website).
The map shows the location of 19 wells and a number of springs all over the city, where you can drink fresh mountain water (and even take some with you).

I decided to take this map as a chance to go on a treasure hunt in the city, searching for the wells and looking at all the interesting things I could come across on my way.

Here is today’s itinerary!

Today we will pick up from where we left last time, here at Hinode Well.

It is the end of June and we are one month into rainy season. The weather is unstable during this month and a half, so this is not the most popular month to travel Japan.
One thing you need to know about rainy season is that it doesn’t rain all the time, and it doesn’t rain all day either.
Whereas it is not travelers’ favorite time, there are also some nice aspects to it.
For example, in Matsumoto, the clouds are impressive during these months.

A small garden near Aeon Mall

Healing Waters of Inode Well in Yakuso Shrine

The first stop is this shrine where you can drink the water of Hinode Well.
I found this little shrine really picturesque as it is small and it sits in the middle of common buildings.

I assume these waters are also from Hinode Well?

Iori Reisui Well

We need to take a little turn to find our next well, which is by far the most popular of them all. In fact I had to wait in line to drink some water. If you come here you will most likely see people refilling their water tanks.

Luckily there is a lovely bench nearby where you can rest.

Tsujii Well

This is the last well of the day.

It’s interesting because in order to get water you need to pull down this big lever (?).
Like this:

Le Nid

On my way I came across this French Rotisserie called “Le Nid”.

It mainly focuses on take out, but it has a second floor that you can access if you order a drink.
The rotisserie opened 7 years ago. The owner says he liked French cuisine and he decided to offer his favorite dishes in a way that could be accessible to everyone, hence why the focus on take out.
The rotisserie is open from 11 AM to 6:30 PM.

The owner recommends the quiche, the most popular dish.

I tried this Almond Cake:



Scavenger Hunt Thoughts:

This time I ventured in the evening. I could appreciate the view of the fluffy summer clouds and the pleasant temperature.
I was really happy to eat a yummy sweat treat on my way!


Stay Tuned for Part 3!