Matsumoto’s Newest Micro-brewery: Bacca Brewing

Do, Jun 28, 2018
Matsumoto's Newest Micro-brewery: Bacca Brewing

Rejoice! There is a new craft brewery in town!

The name is Bacca Brewing and it is run by a friendly couple who fell in love with craft beer while living in America. After a few years of learning how to brew, Bacca Brewing was born.

Bacca brews their beer right in their pub. In fact, you can see the brewing tanks from the counter through the window in the brewing room. If they’re not too busy, you could probably ask the owners to show you inside.

They have a total of six taps: 4 or 5 taps for Bacca’s own beers and 1 to 2 taps for guest beers.

On the day that I went, Bacca’s four beers were an aromatic pale ale and IPA, a fruity/white „weiss“ beer made with local lemons, and a wonderfully dark stout. The guest beers were a brown ale from Shiki Beer and a pale ale from Kofu Outsider Brewing.

Prices ranged from 550 yen to 700 for a half-pint and 850 yen to 950 for a pint. Besides beer, you can also order a couple of soft drinks (ginger ale/orange juice) and few small plates to munch on.

The pub’s style is casual and cozy, with only about 10 seats and a couple of small tables where you can stand and drink. The decor, old antique-looking, wooden furniture and fixtures, give the interior a warm feel.

Bacca Brewing is open Thursday through Sunday. Location-wise, Bacca Brewing is located just a 3-minute walk from Matsumoto Station’s Alps Exit.

Matsumoto’s other local brewery is Matsumoto Brewery, which now has two locations: one in the Media Garden Building and one in Nakamachi.