Restaurant Crawl with Your Own Wooden Cup!

อังคาร, มี.ค. 27, 2018
Restaurant Crawl with Your Own Wooden Cup!

Lovers of Japanese sake (nihonshu) unite! With the purchase of a traditional wooden box (masu), you can get free nihonshu at participating restaurants and pubs in Nakamachi.

Get a unique heat stamp on your masu at each of the places you visit. Even if you can’t drink at all 14 restaurants, the masu, which is made from Kiso-hinoki cypress, will be a good memento of Matsumoto.

Nakamachi Masu Tegata is going on from Mar. 24 to Apr. 14.
See below for details on how to participate:

Look for this flier!

* Buy your sake cup, a wooden box (masu), for ¥1000 at one of the 14 participating restaurants.
* One plate of food, whether it is the cover charge dish (otoshidai) or your own order, is required.
* Each participating person must have his/her own cup and plate of food.
* The free sake being served is Nakamachi’s original sake only.
* Since the shape of the masu can make drinking difficult, you can ask to receive your sake in a regular cup. Just be sure to show the masu when you order.
* You will receive only one cup of free sake per restaurant. Each restaurant can be visited only once.

Participating Locations:

  • Ayana
  • Itoya
  • Hermitage
  • Bar Ogura
  • Kirakuya
  • Kuriya
  • Kuruma
  • Kuromon
  • Sakura Saku
  • Say (Soan Annex)
  • Norito
  • Fujibikura
  • BUN
  • Yukiyoshi

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