Sightseeing Spot Closings & Tips for Staying Healthy During Your Trip

4 Mar 2020
Important Announcement

In Japan, there are already confirmed cases of infection from the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19). Just five COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Matsumoto as of March 27th. Some sightseeing spots reopened on March 25th; however, the following locations will now be closed until April 6th:

Matsumoto Castle’s main tower (the park is still open and the inner garden may be entered for free during this period), Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Matsumoto City Museum, Former Kaichi School, Matsumoto Folkcraft Museum, Former Yamabe Elementary School, Nakayama Cultural History Museum, The Scale Museum, Former High School Memorial, Baba Family Residence, Court and Historical Village (Rekishinosato), Timepiece Museum, Alps Park & Mountain and Nature Museum, Shiga Fossil Museum, Suzuki Memorial Hall, Matsumoto City Library, Hot Plaza Asama, Shiraitonoyu, Matsutake Sanso, Norikura Highlands Kemuri-kan. Additional locations throughout the city are closed as well.

In order to prevent the spread of these viruses, we recommend that you take preventive measures and get yourself checked out if symptoms arise.

Take Preventive Measures

Take measures to protect yourself from germs, such as:

  • Washing your hands
  • Gargling with water
  • Wearing a face mask

In Case of Symptoms

If you develop a cough or fever, please visit a medical institution for a checkup as quickly as possible.
For a list of facilities that can accommodate international visitors, see the medical care guide on the JNTO website.
*Site can be viewed in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Korean

Dealing with Language Barriers

If you are unable to communicate with staff at your hotel or medical institution regarding your symptoms, please call the Nagano Multilingual Call Center.

The Nagano Multilingual Call Center offers free interpretation services for international visitors in 17 different languages, 24 hours a day.

Nagano Multilingual Call Center

Phone Number 0120 691 792 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
For international or roaming calls, dial +8192 687 5289 (fees apply to international calls)

Spoken Languages

English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Tagalog, Malaysian, Burmese, Khmer

* So as to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Japanese Culture Experience Days events scheduled for March 3rd and March 10th have been canceled.