Agatanomori Park and the Former High School Memorial

Agatanomori Park and the Former High School Memorial

Agatanomori Park in Matsumoto, Japan, is very much a local’s park. This forest park is a great place for families, couples, or people who want to relax in a peaceful and beautiful park. You’ll see animals, ponds, waterfalls, old buildings, and tall trees. You can also learn a bit about Matsumoto history by touring the historical Matsumoto High School building. Although it’s called a “high school,” back in the day the school curriculum was actually the equivalent to what we consider a college curriculum today, and served as the original location for Shinshu University.

Best part: It’s a relaxing place that’s great for tourists yet is designed for those living in the area with lots of nature, amenities, and places to play or relax.

When to go: This is a beautiful park with lots to offer all year round. We recommend going on a nice warm day so you can see some animals, enjoy a snack, and play. Bonus: It’s only 5 minutes from the Art Museum.

Agata 3-2102-15
Business Hours
Times above are for the museum. The park is open all day.
Mon Around New Year's Day
Open Mon. if a national holiday, and closed on the following day

Admission (Memorial Museum)

Parking Lot
20 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
Agatanomori Park Bus Stop of the Town Sneaker Bus

Fall Leaves around Agatanomori Park and the Former High School Memorial

May 6, 2018