Autumn in Matsumoto: No Crowds, Just Colors

Tue, Nov 6, 2018

The reds, oranges and golds of the season won’t be around much longer! Lucky for you it’s easy to get to the best place in town to see them.

Agato-no-Mori-dori runs wide and straight from the east side of Matsumoto Station. A twenty-minute stroll up this laid-back avenue brings you right to the doorstep of Agata-no-Mori Park, the prettiest place that most visitors to Matsumoto never ever see.

A neat pedestrian walkway, flanked by the history-heavy buildings of the former MatsumotoHighSchool and shadowed with huge pine and ginko, leads you toward a web of smaller paths that wind among the grassy fields and the quiet waters of the park. It is here that you’ll find some of the best fall colors (and the sparsest crowds) around.

So grab a bento and get up here! These colors, after all, won’t be around for long.