The Last Days of the Cherry Blossom Season

Thu, Apr 12, 2018
The Last Days of the Cherry Blossom Season

In case you haven’t had your fill of cherry blossom photos just yet, here are some more scenes from around Matsumoto last week.

This week, the cherry blossom have mostly fallen from the trees in the main part of the city, but you might still be able catch them in places like Joyama Park, Alps Park, and other places at higher elevations. Also, since the neighboring city of Omachi has somewhat cooler weather, many of the cherry blossoms are still in good condition.

Weeping Cherry Tree in Satoyamabe

One of the most beautiful scenes of Matsumoto is seeing the pink cherry blossoms with the snow-capped Japan Alps in the background, like at this weeping cherry in the Satoyamabe area.

Agatanomori Park’s Old High School Courtyard

The Old High School’s courtyard also had a nice weeping cherry tree, which created a wonderful contrast against the grayish-blue paint of the building’s walls.

Susuki River’s Cherry Trees in Full Bloom