Sunflower Field in Matsumoto

Nature / Seasonal Topics / Outdoor Activities
Thu, Aug 24, 2023

Today I would like to introduce one of many instagrammable locations in Matsumoto.
It is the sunflower field near Matsumoto University.

I didn’t know about the sunflower field, but my friend, who came to Matsumoto for sight-seeing, suggested going and taking pictures!



From Nishi Matsumoto Station we took the train to Matsumoto Daigaku Mae (250 yen). At Nishi Matsumoto Station we found out that Japanese Azalea is the official flower of Matsumoto City!


We took a 5 minute walk and found the sunflower field!

We had fun taking pictures among the sunflowers!

Near the sunflower field there is a botanical garden where you can see more varieties of flowers and tree.

I think this could be a good spot for people who enjoy smelling flowers and taking pictures with them!


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