SONIC: A music venue in Matsumoto

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Mon, Jul 31, 2023
SONIC: A music venue in Matsumoto

Sonic is a music venue near Matsumoto Station, and it is one of the best places for partying and enjoying live music.



SONIC opened its doors in 1997 and ever since it has been a music venue for all genres of music. These are all the events that SONIC hosted over its 26 years of activity:


The schedule varies every week depending on the events. Ever since 1997, the second Saturday of every month DJ Wong Kei holds a special party featuring a local band. On weekdays the bar is open.

Sonic on a DJ evening:


SONIC is a music space, a party spot, a club, and a rehearsal studio. It does not focus on one style, instead it aims to be a venue that welcomes people of all ages, from 20 to 90, all nationalities, and all genres of music. The owner would like to welcome everyone!


The venue is within walking distance Matsumoto Station.


Here’s a map: