1st Anniversary of 3.11 Quake and Tsunami; March against Nuke

Disaster-related Updates
Tue, Mar 13, 2012
1st Anniversary of 3.11 Quake and Tsunami; March against Nuke

One year has passed since the nightmare earthquake and tsunami that took nearly 20,000 lives and triggered the terrible nuclear crisis in Fukushima.

Still, 344,000 people are evacuating because their houses were destroyed or dangerous to live or they cannot work in their hometown.

Last Sunday (3.11), all over in Japan held a great many of events to memorize the huge natural and man-made disaster.

In more than 10 cities in Nagano, “Goodbye Nuke, No More Nuke, 3.11 Big March” was held and 6,000 people took part in total.

In Matsumoto, 1,800 people gathered at Matsumoto Castle Park, prayed for the victims at 2:46 pm when the quake hit East Japan, and marched in the town up to Matsumoto Station.

Nagano Prefecture has no nuclear power plant and Matsumoto is 300km far from Fukushima No. 1 Power Plant “luckily” — sorry for people in/near Fukushima — so the current radiation detection values are stable and much lower than the worldwide average background dose for a human being (0.27 microsieverts per hour).

I think it is meaningful to express people’s voice from such a place using electricity made in other power plants in other prefectures.

People are struggling with so many problems occured by 3.11 all over Japan.