2018 Shinshu Wine Summit in Matsumoto

Do, Jun 7, 2018
2018 Shinshu Wine Summit in Matsumoto
Lining up for wine!

Going on now! Experience the wine country side of Nagano Prefecture with the ongoing Shinshu Wine Summit being held in Matsumoto City! Enjoy the summer air outdoors at the Hanadokei (flower clock) Park located just next to the PARCO department store. Musical performances also take place at the front stage area. 

Cities such as the neighboring Shiojiri are known throughout the country for their wines. In the fall, you can even go grape picking at one of the areas numerous vineyards or go on a winery tour. In the meantime, here at the wine summit, you can try around 140 varieties of wine from approximately 40 regional wineries. While Japanese wines tend to be sweeter and fruitier, this event is a great opportunity to experiment with wines of all types.

After paying a ¥1,000 deposit and receiving my wine glass, I was ready to try some wines. There are four main wine categories to choose from: light-bodied and full-bodied reds and whites. Sparkling wines and other wines are also available. A sommelier awaits you at each station to take your order. Wine prices start at ¥300 for 60 ml and are double for 120 ml. Some wines are also available for purchase by the bottle. Other drinks including beer and soft drinks are also being sold.

To accompany your beverage, you’ll find a variety of food options available. Italian, Indonesian, and other cuisine vendors line the seating area selling pizza, pasta, fried noodles, and even ramen noodles. Both standing and covered seating sections are available. A big fan of ajillo, I ordered the shrimp and broccoli version for ¥1,000, which included three slices of baguette (additional five slices available for ¥300). The weekends tend to be quite crowded and food items can sell out as early as 19:30. Come get your fill of good wine and food in a buoyant atmosphere.