Matsumoto Taiko Festival 2018 – Performances in the City

Mo, Jul 30, 2018
Matsumoto Taiko Festival 2018 - Performances in the City

Despite cancellation of part of the taiko performances due to typhoon weather, for the most part, the festival was a booming success!

Check out photos from the various performances that took place around Matsumoto on Saturday.

The Hongo Wakashishi Taiko Group

This group of young players hail from the Hongo area of Matsumoto and is primarily made up of elementary school students.

The Wadaiko Hibiki Group

Performances by the clubs adult player as well as children players. They mesmerized the audience with their dynamic show.

The Wadaiko Nawo Group

This group is made up of mostly female players whose performance was characterized by beautifully sharp movements.

Taiko Workshop

A huge number of people came to participate in the taiko workshop this year, including adults, kids, and guests from overseas!

The main stage performances were unfortunately cancelled on Saturday, but luckily, Sunday’s weather cleared up enough to let the show go on 😉

Matsumoto’s taiko festival happens every year at the end of July over the course of the weekend, so if you missed it this year, there’s always another chance! Check out the event page for details.