Get Your Root Beer at This New Okinawa Restaurant

พุธ, ส.ค. 1, 2018
Get Your Root Beer at This New Okinawa Restaurant

Cafe & Dining Bar Also Okinawa recently opened just across from Shinmai Media Garden, and they serve root beer! For those of you who don’t know, root beer apparently tastes like a Japanese medicine, and thus isn’t very popular in most places around the country. This non-alcoholic beverage is fairly uncommon outside of the big cities, stores that offer import goods, and Okinawa. The restaurant offers it by the can for ¥480.

My first root beer in forever!

The food was also delicious. Open for lunch and dinner, they offer half-and-half sets at lunch for ¥1,000 and a ¥2,000 all-you-can-drink option at dinner.

I tried their half-size taco rice with a spicy salsa and half-size Okinawan noodles with tender, slow-cooked pork spare rib. You can also enjoy other popular Okinawan dishes such as Goya Champuru.

They also stock a number of Okinawan liquors, including the signature Awamori, a distilled alcohol that is unique to Okinawa.

Run by a couple, it’s a cozy place with seating for 14 (counter seating only). Find them on Google Maps (2-3-26 Chuo, Matsumoto).