Taiyaki Furusato


Taiyaki is a fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam. Nostalgic stores and houses stand on the car-free Nawate street. In the center of Nawate street, Taiyaki Furusato is open next to the Frog Daimyojin (the temple where the deity is enshrined).

Each taiyaki is individual prepared in Furusato’s custom molds.

Tai is red snapper or sea bream. It’s a premium ingredient associated with holidays and other celebratory occasions in Japan. Taiyaki doesn’t contain any fish, however. It’s actually a sweet snack made from an egg batter and baked in a mold that just happens to be shaped like a red snapper. The shape of the snack gives it a cute, festive touch, plus it’s a lot cheaper than an actual tai.

Homemade sweet red bean paste being made from Hokkaido azuki beans

Furusato makes a couple of versions, one with the traditional sweet red bean paste filling, a savory version with a sausage inside, a custard filled version, and one with ice cream (seasonal). This shop uses high quality ingredients and unlike most taiyaki shops, they actually make their own red bean paste filling. All the taiyaki are made in individual custom molds that are found nowhere else but at Furusato.

Sausage Taiyaki

This is the sausage version of taiyaki, which is surprisingly tasty. It has a bit of mayo and shichimi spice inside as well. The sausage taiyaki shows up in the manga and anime Orange. At ¥150, it’s a very popular treat that is known even in Taiwan.

Grab one of these delicious snacks and eat it while walking around Nawate Street. Be wary of the New Year’s holidays and festival days though, as Furusato will often have a long line of eager customers waiting to get their own taiyaki. Taiyaki also makes a great take-home souvenir.

At weekday night, Furusato opens up the UO Cafe & Bar nextdoor where you can enjoy some taiyaki with a drink until 10 p.m (occasionally close).

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Nawate Street, 4-1 Ote
Closes early if sold out
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10–15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
2 min walk from the Daimyocho bus stop of the Town Sneaker Bus
  • Recommandé

    Sweet Red Bean Taiyaki

    Made one by one in Furusato's custom taiyaki molds and filled with homemade sweet red bean paste. It has a crispy shell and warm, soft center.
  • Recommandé

    Kaeru (Frog) Beer

    Craft beer with a custom frog label! Choose from amber ale or golden ale. Goes well with sausage taiyaki!
  • Recommandé

    Taiyaki Ice Cream

    Milk ice cream and red bean paste stuffed into a taiyaki-shaped monaka shell. Summer only.
3 Nov 2018