Spring is Blooming in Matsumoto!

Sat, Mar 30, 2019
Spring is Blooming in Matsumoto!

I’ll be honest. I’m not really much of a flower person. But still, I can’t help but feel a change in me when I see the blossoming signs of Spring. And in Matsumoto, those signs are here.

You’ll see it right in front of the train station, where the flowerbeds are exploding with color.

You’ll see it up at Agata-no-mori Park, straight up the street from the station, where the plum blossoms are already out in full white and pink display…

…lending their inspiring touch to the landscapers nearby who are out there sprucing things up…

Meanwhile the ducks and the turtles are out spending some quality time in the warming springtime sun.

Even the daffodils in my garden have shown up to appreciate the new season!

But you likely haven’t come to Matsumoto to check out my garden (though you are welcome to stop by). The main flowering attraction, of course, is happening down around Matsumoto Castle. And while the blossoms won’t be reaching their peak for a few more days, some of the trees are popping like popcorn.

If you’re planning on sticking around – or if you’ve timed your visit to Matsumoto just right – you’ll be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full-bloom. They are predicted to explode starting April 3rd. From there we’ve got about a week to enjoy their splendor – and all the revelry that they seem to bring.

The cherry blossom trees will once again be illuminated all along the northern moat and throughout the castle park. During this time the inner gardens of the castle – the honmaru – will be open to the public, for free Japanese musical performances and not-quite-free food and Japanese tea. Check out the information sign right here:

If you won’t be in Matsumoto during those fast and fleeting peak cherry blossom days, take heart. Those plum blossoms are already open and waiting for you.

But HURRY!! Like all good things…