Event of Eclectic Proportions: National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Week

Fri, Nov 4, 2022


Whenever I hop on my bike and head downtown I always wonder if there will be something going on. Yesterday there was a lot going on. And for a while I had no idea what it was.

Daimyocho-dori, the avenue leading from the center of downtown north to the front entrance to the castle, was blocked off to traffic. Inside the barriers and orange cones and polite police officers was mishmash of performances, interactive events, music, dancing and rows of familiar festival stalls selling food and drink and games.





The party stretched over the Metoba River and all the way onto the castle grounds, along the way spilling onto Nakamachi-dori and up Frog Street, with stuff for kids big and small everywhere.







There was a flea market in the Flower Clock Park…


…young people dancing on the street and in front of the new Matsumoto City Museum…



…and a special set-up for those looking for a place with a view to relax.


And for a different kind of respite from the action, there were the bright colors of the season decorating Yohashira Shrine.


There are events going on throughout National Treasure Matsumoto Castle Week. And while part of me wants to know what’s happening each day, there’s another part of me that prefers to just jump on my bike and head on back downtown. 

If you’re in town, head out and see for yourself. And if Castle Week 2022 is long gone by the time you read this, head out anyway.

You never know quite what you’ll find on the streets of Matsumoto.