Frog Street

Fri, Apr 28, 2023
Frog Street

Frog Street, or Nawate Street, is a popular shopping district in Matsumoto. It is especially lively during the weekend, when it is crowded with local people and visitors who come to the local antique market or just to spend a relaxing afternoon.


The Name

The street is named after the frogs that used to inhabit the area, but also after a number of frog statues that you can spot in the street. The word for frog (kaeru) can also mean “go back”, which is a way of encouraging people to come back to this district.


Challenge: can you spot all the frogs in frog street?


The Street

a view of the street
senbei (rice crackers) and taiyaki stalls

A view of frog street. You can find traditional clothing, antique shops, an international cafe, and traditional snacks like rice crackers (senbei) and taiyaki, fish-shaped batter cakes.


a tableware shop
a tableware shop

Yohashira Shrine


Yohashira Shrine

Yohashira Shrine is the place to go if you want your wish to come true, because it is dedicate to four deities, which is very rare. It was built in 1879 and named after its Four Pillars. It hosts many celebrations throughout the year. 

Yohashira Shrine and Metoba River



The street is a ten minute walk from the train station: