White Porcelain Exhibition in Matsumoto Oct 20th ~ 28th

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Mon, Oct 22, 2012
White Porcelain Exhibition in Matsumoto Oct 20th ~ 28th

White Porcelain is called “Hakuji 白磁” in Japanese, first  imported from Korea around the end of 16th century became very popular among the aristocracy and connoisseurs.

From October 20th (Saturday) to 28th (Sunday) 11:00~ 16:00, you can eyewitness Japanese contemporary ceramic craftsmen’s porcelain wares at “tadokorogaro” in Matsumoto.

Free admission for this exhibition

“tadokorogaro” is operated by an illustrator Mariko Tadokoro who’s quite popular among crafts devotees.
The gallery is  connected to a restaurant “onjaku” which is operated by her husband who cooks very delicate Japanese neo-traditional  cuisine.
2 days advance reservation is needed for “Onjaku” restaurant. call 0263-36-0985

How to get there:  Very complicated place, so better to call them first for guidance.

TakeNorth bound eastern route line 北市内線東まわり(kita-shinaisen-higashi-mawari) bus from Matsumoto bus terminal, off at “Shimizu-nakaku” stop. About 5 minutes walk from the stop.