Sonic Flea Market

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Tue, Dec 26, 2023
Sonic Flea Market

Where to thrift in Matsumoto?
Besides the popular thrifting chains, there are independently run markets like Soni Furi (Sonic Flea Market).

What is Soni Furi?

Yurina organizes Soni Furi at Sonic (Matsumoto, Fukashi 2-5-6) once a month over a couple of days with the collaboration of her friends.
Together they sell a selection of clothes, DVD, small items, hand made goods, crochets, candles all for a reasonable price (from 100 JPY to 6000 JPY).

What is so special about Soni Furi?

The organizers gather and sell a selection of curated second hand items for a reasonable price, but Soni Furi isn’t just a flea market. A line-up of DJs will accompany the event, and you can enter just to enjoy the music and a drink.

Soni Furi is recommended to

Everyone who is in Matsumoto on the days of the market! Especially those who like clothes and music. If you are a tourist or if you just moved to the city this is your chance to meet people and learn about the good places in Matsumoto.

Message from the organizer

Sonic is a venue that faces a wide street and it seems like its hard for a newcomer to enter, but in reality if you go many peculiar people from Matsumoto await you inside. I recommend that you take this as a chance to socialize regardless of your age. Everyone is welcome!



Where can I find the dates of Soni Furi?

On instagram @sonifuri_matsumoto !