Mochitsuki 餅つき Making Mochi (Rice cake) Jan 13th

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Sat, Jan 12, 2013
Mochitsuki 餅つき Making Mochi (Rice cake) Jan 13th

Yamabe Winery again holds  “Mochitsuki” (Pounding Mochi) Event on the 13th of January.

“Mochi” is a traditional food made from steamed rice pounding into sticky rice cake, it also signifies auspicious sign often used at happy events in Japan.

They are going to hold Mochitsuki twice on the 13th, the first session starts from 11:00~ and the second session will be 13:00~.

←steam the glutinous rice in a steamer

← poundhing mochi in a big wooden mortar

No fee required, you can enjoy delicious warm mochi right after they pound.

Yamabe Winery produces fine local wine which has won several prizes at domestic wine contests.
You can also taste some wine at the shop in the winery.

Venue: Yamabe Winery

(ALPICO Bus Iriyamabe line”入山辺線, off at “Iriyamabe-kyoku-mae “入山辺局前下車

Date:   January 13th  Sunday,  11:00~  &  13:00~

Charge: Free (Everybody can join!)

Participate in our traditional event at Yamabe Winery!  It will be so much fun and interesting!