Traditional confectionery eat-in shop in Matsumoto

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Fri, May 17, 2013
Traditional confectionery eat-in shop in Matsumoto

Japanese traditional confectionery called “Wagashi (和菓子)” can be found at any traditional confectionery stores – “Wagashiya (和菓子屋)” all over the country.  Very early confectionery was created around 700 A.D. which had strong influences from Tang Dynasty (current China), and it had spread among aristocracy with the boom of tea ceremony at the late Muromachi (室町時代)period –  around 1500 A.D.  Wagashi had become truly popular among common people during Edo period (江戸時代) when warrior era (late 15th to late 16th century) had ended,  people in provincial towns were able to enjoy entertainments and gourmet foods.

Matsumoto city is likewise,  number of confectionery shops have been serving their original, delicate and delicious sweets since Edo period (1603 – 1868).   Sorry for the long introduction, yet it was necessary to convey cultural background of these tiny precious sweets.

Fujimura (藤むら)is located just right behind Kurasshic-kan (蔵シック館)on Nakamachi Street.  This is an eat – in confectionery shop, customers who purchase their confectionery are able to taste at the eat-in corner in the store with tea service (except Maccha – tea used for tea ceremony).

The young confectioner who runs this store showed me how to make one of very popular sweet, “Nerikiri” with Cherry blossom form (refer pic no.1 to no.4).
At Fujimura every products are hand made, the confectioners are actually cooking behind the counter.

(Macha(green tea) shown above is not included for eat in service. )
In accordance with occasions and seasonal events, shape and ingredients of these classical sweet art piece can be arranged.  If you are strolling around Nakamachi street in downtown Matsumoto, it will be nice experience to enjoy freshly made Wagashi at Fujimura.

Fujimura : holiday- Wednesdays