Coworking Space in Matsumoto

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Mon, Oct 23, 2023
Coworking Space in Matsumoto

Sweet Work is a coworking space in Nawate Street run by Cafe Sweet, a historical bakery in Matumoto.
The coworking space is open to members and non-members and it offers options for drop-in if you are just visiting for the day, or tickets if you plan on using the space for more than one time.

What makes Sweet Work special is the view (the space is located on the third floor and visitors enjoy great light coming in from the windows.
The space offers a selection of bread (from Cafe Sweet!) and drinks included in the fee, so you can enjoy coffee and sweets while you work.


The chairs and tables are wide and comfortable, and the space is equipped with wi-fi, a printer, projectors, stationery and everything you might need!

Plans start at 500 JPY for a 2 hour drop-in.

The staff speaks Japanese and English and they will give you a tour and explain everything you need to know about the space.
Going to Sweet Work is great chance to meet people and work in a comfortable environment, I highly recommend it!

If you go:

Coworking Space

CAFE SWEET NAWATE Bldg. 3F, Ote 4-1-13 , Matsumoto City, Nagano
T: 0263 35 2253
F: 0263 32 6082