Art in the Kura

Mon, Aug 10, 2009

Arts in the KuraThere’s an art exhibition taking place in a traditional Kura, or storehouse, until Wednesday (Aug 12th), on Nakamachi Street (parallel to the river, one street over closer to the main post office). It’s on your right, on the corner of the second turn to the right, with a well/open space in front of it. Admission is free.
In the exhibition you will find interesting and unconventional works displayed by 13 artists, three of whom are local – Chiaki Misawa, Junko Kiuchi, Emi Matsuda. The remaining artists are all from the Nagoya area (Norikazu Ishihara, Shoji Ohtsuka, Yuto Sugihara, Yukihiro Hiyashi, Ikuko Hayashida, Teruaki Miyaguchi, Maya Morioka, Yukiji Yamamoto). The three local artists all speak English and are around or about during the exhibition – why not ask them to give you a tour/explain what they’re all about? Kura shoesArtist in workJunko art
Even if you are not much into art, check out the venue. From the second floor you have a bird’s eye view of traditional no-nail roof construction, as well as appreciate the coolness of the interior. When you are done, refresh yourself with the spring water while you check the map for ‘what next?’