Shokupan from a famous Bread shop in Matsumoto

Wed, May 1, 2024
Shokupan from a famous Bread shop in Matsumoto

In Japan it is Golden Week (or GW) and some people will take the chance to travel.
This year, I am staying in Matsumoto.

Recently, I was walking near Frog Street and I noticed this shop. 

My friend later told me that this shop has been there for a very long time, and since a recent TV broadcast it became a trending spot online!

It’s called Komatsu Pan Ten.
Actually the main trending item is “Milk Bread” (gyunyu pan in Japanese), but you have to order it in advance and you cannot buy it on the spot.

It doesn’t matter because you can buy many other types of bread which are equally enjoyable.

I think bread in Japan is different from what I am normally used to, it is more like a sweet treat instead of an everyday thing.

Anyhow this was my first time buying this kind of sandwich bread (shoku pan in Japanese) from a specialized shop and not the supermarket:

What got my attention were the margarine and jam, so I got the bread to eat them with, and also a little apple sandwich.

So this is my breakfast for Golden Week!
Happy Golden Week!

If you decide to visit Komatsu:

Ote 4-9-13
Phone: +81 263-32-0172