Sumo Wrestlers Coming Back to Matsumoto with Nagano-born New Hero

Mon, Oct 12, 2015
Sumo Wrestlers Coming Back to Matsumoto with Nagano-born New Hero

Sumo road-show will come back again this Wednesday 14th.

A photo of the last road-show 2007
8 years has passed since the last sumo in Matsumoto. Refer to a blog article “Gentle Giants of Sumo” at that time.

Super strong Mongolian yokozuna (grand champion) Hakuho still reigns over 8 years (he is injured so cannot come back again this time but other two yokozunas and major wrestlers will come).

And, a new hero from Kiso in Nagano Prefecture will step onto the sumo ring (dohyo) in his home prefecture. He is Mitake-umi, named from the volcano Ontake, which erupted last year and caused many victims and much damages to Kiso area. At that time he was a college student and the strongest amateur wrestler. He chose to become a professional sumo wrestler and encourage Kiso people.
He has scored very well in lower divisions and will make his debut in the makuuchi (top) division this November.
So, he will return in triumph in this sumo performance in Matsumoto and get great applause.

Most wrestlers will stay in Asama hot springs. You may see some of them if you are lucky.

By the way, Chanko (special stew sumo wrestlers eat) Dining Sumotei has opened by ex-sumo wrestler near Matsumoto Castle last year. See this tripadvisor page.

  • Time: 8 am to 3 pm, Wednesday 14th, October
  • Venue: Matsumoto City General Gymnasium (Google map)
  • Ticket: advance-sale tickets were sold out. Walk-up tickets will be sold from 8 am (probably there will be a long line)
  • Japanese website: