The 12th Matsumoto Frog Festival: June 22nd/23rd

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Fri, Jun 21, 2013
The 12th Matsumoto Frog Festival: June 22nd/23rd

Frog Festival has been held for more than a decade on Nawate St. in Matsumoto downtown.
Attracted by its unique concept “Frog”, the regiments of salientian fans flock to this rather narrow promenade along Metoba river.
Various shops and booths are trading “Frog” goods.

Throughout this 2 days event, dance and musical performances are offered sequentially after the opening ceremony at 10:00 on the 22nd.

Even unenthusiastic salientia collectors can simply enjoy annual frog festival on Nawate Street.
I think it’s worth eyewitnessing this interesting celebration for  amphibians in their most favorite season of the year.

Photos are provided by  “Matsumoto Frog Festival official blog