”Yasaka-sama 八坂様” in downtown Matsumoto

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Thu, Jul 17, 2008

July 14th and 15th is a day to celebrate Yasaka-sama(八坂様)
at Fukashi-Shrine, Okanomiya-Shrine and Shiogama-Shrine .

Okanomiya Yasakasama

A god named Yasaka originated from Yasaka Shrine in Gion, Kyoto
which has over 1350 years of history.
Yasaka-Shrine has more than 3000 satellite shrines all over Japan.
Fukashi, Okanomiya and Shiogama shrines
are the three satellite shrines of Yasaka in Matsumoto city.
The night of July 14th, local kids in downtown Matsumoto visit their neighborhood shrines to pray for their happiness by offering banners made of reed and paper.
Yasakasama Okanomiya Yasakasama
On the banner, each child writes with calligraphic brush strokes
To Mighty Yasaka God” along with name and age.
The special banners and reeds for this event are sold at local super markets only for this day.
Yasakasama Okanomiya Yasakasama banners
The pictures shown here are taken at Okanomiya-Shirine on July 14th, where bunch of neighbors were offering their banners.
Yasakasama Okanomiya
Yasaka-sama festival is a sign for the beginning of Matsumoto’s short hot summer.
Next week – July 24th and 25th, another popular summer festival –
Fukashi Shirine’s festival will be held in downtown area.