Display of healthy sustainability

Thu, Jul 22, 2010

Not to sure about the title of this event!
Bakers, farmers, foot masseurs, shoe fitters, fortune tellers of various ilk, musicians, aromatherapists, artists…in all 35 specialists are coming together to present what they are doing to improve our life experience. It’s interactive – so hands on and chance to chat with participants. You can have a trial of various things for a minimal fee, and be able to buy fresh bread, organic veg etc.
Will be held this Saturday (21st)10:00-16:00 & Sunday (22nd)10:00 – 17:00 at Nakamachi Classic Kan – the biggish old Japanese kura/warehouse set back from the road (Nakamachi St) on the right hand side as you wander away from the town centre.
Shamisen performance on Saturday, Gospel singing Sunday. Sorry, don’t know times.
Entrance is free. Ask for Chiaki Misawa if you’d like a bit of an explanation in English. Enjoy!