Party Event by Shinshu University International Students

Gourmet / Events
Sun, Jul 18, 2010

I was invited to an international party the week before last. The party was held near Shinshu University by international students from the university. They were from Malaysia, Mexico, Chinese. Surprisingly, they spoke not only Japanese, but also English. A Chinese Malaysian lady there spoke four languages which were Malay, Chinese, English and Japanese. She said that she was raised in that kind of surroundings. I guess she must have had a hard time to get over difficulties playing with four languages as a child.
I envy her because I am struggling to learn English now. Malaysians there cooked food (see the photo) for us. They were steamed chicken, rice cooked with ginger and chicken, chicken and seafood stir-fried with Okura and oyster sauce and some vegetables. My favorite dish was the rice cooked with ginger and chicken. It’s better to pour some chicken soup on the rice before you eat. The dishes remained me of stalls in Asian countries. It was a pity that they didn’t understand my English…