Storyhouse Café&Bar

Storyhouse Café&Bar

Come try some of our homemade bagels and smoothies!

Chris from America and his wife Kumi from Japan run this chic, chill café and bar on Matsumoto’s Nawate Street.
The café and bar opened in December of 2019, and a guesthouse on the 2nd floor opened in March of 2020.

Live music and other events are typically held on Friday and Saturday, so be sure to drop by!

The Storyhouse Café used to operate as a sister store, but operations at that location were suspended in July 2020.

The café is typically open from 11 AM to 5 PM and is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday. The store is open until 11 PM for bar hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Events Galore

The café hosts frequent events including Story Sharing, Children’s Storytime, English-Japanese Language Exchange, music days, and more. You’ll find both foreigners and local Japanese people mingling together at these events. Check Storyhouse’s Facebook and Instagram pages, which are updated in both English and Japanese, for event dates and details.

Geschäfte-Hopping Karten

Wenn Sie die Umfrage ausfüllen, bekommen Sie:
¥50 off everything
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4-3-19 Ote
Open until 11 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Di Mi
15-minute walk from Matsumoto Station
  • Empfehlend

    Pulled Pork Burger Set ¥1,110

    Enjoy eating an American classic: the pulled pork burger! The bun and pulled pork are all handmade at the store.
8. Okt 2020