New Miyoshi

Miyoshi, a restaurant focusing on Japanese cuisine and specializing in horse meat, was established in 1899. One hundred years later, in 1999, the restaurant was relocated near Matsumoto station and renamed «New Miyoshi.» You can admire traditional Japanese utensils used at Miyoshi and sense the long and glorious history of the restaurant.

New Miyoshi is proud of their high quality dishes of sakura nabe (horse meat hot pot) and sasashi (raw horse meat). Raw horse meat is called sakura or sakuraniku (sakura means cherry blossom, niku means meat) because of its pink color.

The lunch menu is abundant and nearby company employees also visit at times during the day. But you can see the real New Miyoshi at night, because at nighttime the restaurant serves about 90 kinds of dishes, and you can enjoy eating seasonal horse meat.

Inside, you will also see a lot of ornaments related to the horse, such as harnesses, saddles, whips, ema (votive pictures of horses), calligraphy, and so on. Some came from China and Mongolia. It’s almost like a horse museum!

1-7-17 Chuo, Mori Bldg. 1F
Часы работы
11:50 дп
1:30 пп
5:00 пп
10:30 пп
L/O 21:20
Lunch not served on Saturdays and holidays
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5 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
23 Окт 2018