Located on Nawate Street just past the shrine. This café, bakery, confectionary has been around for a long while and is a favorite of many. They have good coffee and nice treats; it’s a lovely place to sit and people watch.

Sweet has a seating area both inside and outside. You will find the inside has plenty of space and is comfortable and relaxing, while the outside terrace has a casual and friendly atmosphere. Dogs are permitted in the outside seating area, attracting regular customers with dogs.

First Bakery in Nagano to bake Baguette

“Sweet” was originally opened in Seattle, U.S.A. It opened on Nawate Street in Matsumoto in 1924 and was the first shop to sell French baguette in Nagano. ”Sweet” has acquired a reputation for high quality bread and reliability and supplies baguettes to many local hotels and restaurants.

Shinshu-Miso Rusk and other “Sweet” specialities

The Shinshu-Miso Rusk is rusk made with Sweet’s baguette and covered with Nagano miso paste. The miso paste is made by Marusho Brewery and known for its high quality, as it is produced in a traditional way with Japanese soybeans and rice, local spring water, and aged for two years.

Sweet also bakes several other types of breads and serves breakfast and a soup set lunch.

두루두루 쇼핑 티켓의 서비스

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A free small rusk
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4-1-13 Ote
수용 인원
찾아오시는 길
15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta
Reopens on April 16th after renovation
2018년 8월 15일