Front of the shop

At Sasaki, you can savor a delicious homemade, handmade soba noodle meal in a warm and charming atmosphere. The owners are wonderful people and you feel like you are being treated to a specially prepared meal in their home.


In addition to the homemade soba noodles, they make their own smoked fish, ham, duck and other delights along with other regional specialties. It’s a very special place!

What’s a soba restaurant?

Once soba restaurants were casual places where people came and had a great meal. In the beginning, they were very similar to izakaya bars.
So Soba Club Sasaki follows the original style of Soba restaurants and opens their shop for the day and evening crowds for people to gather, eat, and drink.

Soba and Sake

They have lots of the local sake brands and they serve them even in the daytime.
They especially recommend the brand Yukawa Liquor from Kiso.

두루두루 쇼핑 티켓의 서비스

앙케트에 대답하고, 두루두루 쇼핑 티켓을 제시하면
A free local sake or a small glass of apple juice
두루두루 쇼핑 티켓에 대한 자세한 내용은 여기!
4-8-3 Ote
11:30 오전
2:00 오후
6:00 오후
8:00 오후
limited quantity
Tue dinnertime
수용 인원
찾아오시는 길
15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta (5 min from Matsumoto Castle)
3–5 min walk from the Daimyocho bus stop of the Town Sneaker Bus
  • 추천

    Mori Soba (chilled soba on a basket)

    This is Sasaki's staple dish and a must-eat if you come here. The handmade noodles are so delicious you can enjoy them plain with just a bit of salt!
  • 추천

    Evening appetizer

    A light appetizer to enjoy with your evening meal (and drink!).
  • 추천

    Mackerel Heshiko

    Mackerel pickled with salt and nuka (fermented rice bran). It is an excellent companion to a glass of sake.
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