Hotaka Craft

  • 穂高クラフト外観

If you walk along Nawate Street, you will come across a crowded little pottery shop popular with visitors and locals alike. The original Hotaka Craft opened in front of Hotaka Train Station in 1981. The popular shop opened in a new locale on Nawate Street in 2001. Hotaka Craft boasts of excellent service and many returning customers. As the owners say: “Just remember, with better dishes comes better food!”

The store is filled with various pottery and ceramics, and with a focus on goods for everyday use, Hotaka crafts are reasonably priced. With a stock chosen for attention to detail, the wide array of hand-painted and stenciled goods make shopping fun. At any given time, there are between 500–600 pieces to choose from. Recommended purchases include cups and bowls starting at ¥100. Handmade cups and rice bowls can be bought starting at ¥1,000.

Also, don’t forget to check out the popular mug displays spilling out into the street. Hotaka Craft’s wide selection of mugs starts at the low price of ¥500. 

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4-3 Ote (Nawate Street)
Closed some Wed
찾아오시는 길
15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta. (6 min walk from Matsumoto Castle)
1 min walk from the Daimyocho bus stop on the Shindai/Yokota Line bus from Matsumoto Bus Terminal
2018년 2월 13일