Hikariya Higashi

ヒカリヤ ヒガシ

Taste Japanese food at the old historical building

The building was established in 1885 and it records the passing moments of the last 127 years. The owner rebuilt this historical building and after that it was recognized as a tangible cultural property.

You’ll see another world the moment when you open the door. The building gives you a relaxed feeling with the old Japanese fashion.

High quality dishes with local ingredients

Three stacks of lunch boxes (¥1,500)

Shinshu beef meal (¥2,300)

Sixth sense

The building has a good atmosphere and the interior design is comfortable. Hikariya celebrates all seasonal festivals like Setsubun, the bean-scattering ceremony celebrating the coming of spring in February; Hinamatsuri, the Dolls’ Festival for girls in March; and Tango no sekku, the Boy’s Festival in May. Hikariya introduces guests from foreign countries to Japanese traditional culture. You can feel fresh at the well in the courtyard in the middle of Hikariya Nishi.

Terue, Okami-san, is a bright and cheerful person. Okami-san is the manager of the Sixth Sense Company and she runs Hikariya. She hopes her guests get inspiration from Hikariya. Will you in touch with your sixth sense?

두루두루 쇼핑 티켓의 서비스

앙케트에 대답하고, 두루두루 쇼핑 티켓을 제시하면
A free drink with orders of Kaiseki meals
두루두루 쇼핑 티켓에 대한 자세한 내용은 여기!
4-7-14 Ote
11:30 오전
1:30 오후
6:00 오후
8:30 오후
라스트 오더 13:30
수용 인원
찾아오시는 길
15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta (walk toward Agata-no-Mori, turn left at the traffic light “Performing Arts Centre W”. Walk 50 meters over the bridge and you will see the Hikariya's building on your left.)
Town Sneaker (north route)
20 min from Matsumoto IC
5 min from Matsumoto Sta
2018년 8월 9일