2018 Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Forecast

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ven, Fév 16, 2018

With cherry-blossom-flavored everything emerging across the country, we bring you the projected dates for the area and details of the major hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots in Matsumoto. Grab your tarp and stake out your spot (don’t take someone else’s spot!) or enjoy the flowers as you stroll along.

WHEN can I see the cherry blossoms?

As of Feb 8, 2018, the sakura are projected to begin blooming in Nagano City (temperature similar to Matsumoto’s) from Apr 14 while places further south are expected to begin blooming a few days to a week sooner. These dates are of course subject to change. The flowers typically last about two weeks, but can start falling sooner depending on the weather. In previous years, the first blooms at Matsumoto Castle have been as follows:

Year Month & Day
2017 4/10
2016 4/1
2015 4/4
2014 4/9
2013 4/3

WHERE can I see the cherry blossoms?

The following locations can also be found on the downloadable Matsumoto Concierge Map.

Matsumoto Castle


The castle’s inner grounds offer splendid views of pearly pink cherry blossoms against a backdrop of the dark crow castle. Do be aware that drinking and eating is typically prohibited in the Honmaru Garden.

Illuminated Cherry Trees
Both inner and outer areas of the castle, including the trees along the eastern moat, are also spectacularly lit.  At night, the fairy-tale like illuminated cherry blossoms are free to view.


Hours & Admission

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (last entry 4:30 p.m.) Regular entry to the inner area is ¥610 for adults, ¥300 for elementary and middle school students.

5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. FREE

Access from Matsumoto Station

Bus: Town Sneaker Northern Course, Matsumotojo/Shiyakushomae stop; 5 min (¥200)

Walking: 15 min

Bicycle: Free rental bicycles are available at the bike parking area in front of the Matsumoto Station Oshiro (Castle) Exit. See our Local Transportation page for more information including other rental locations.

Mt. Kobo – Koboyama Tumulus


This hill – the top of which once served as a tomb – is covered in over 4,000 cherry trees with blossoms of various shades of pink. You can observe the trees from below or walk to the top of the hill for an expansive view of the snow-capped Japan Alps.

Illuminated Cherry Trees

Lanterns are strung through the trees and lit up at night.

Hours & Admission

The park is open 24-hours and is free to enter.

Access from Matsumoto Station Area

Bus: Namiyanagidanchi Line, Koboyama Iriguchi stop; 15 min (¥260); 6 buses per day (times subject to change): 7:20, 9:05, 11:05, 14:05, 16:05, 18:55

Walking (from Minami-Matsumoto Station): 30 min

Susuki River, Just South-East of Agatanomori Park


Cherry blossom trees line the raised embankments of the Susuki River, and there are wide-open spaces to sit along the water. Also near one of the Orange (anime/manga) locations!

Access from Matsumoto Station

Depending on what part of the river you would like to get to, their are a few different methods you can use.

Quick Access

Take the Town Sneaker Southern Course bus and get off at stops such as Aizawa Hospital.

Bicycle: just 5−10 min by free rental bicycle from the station


Bus & Walking: Town Sneaker Eastern Course, 10 min (¥200). The closest drop-off point brings you to Agatanomori Park. From Agatanomori Park, it is about a 10-minute walk to the river.

Joyama Park


Located near a temple, you’ll also find a zoo, playgrounds, and an art museum in and around the premises.

Hours & Admission

The park is open 24-hours and is free to enter.

Access from Matsumoto Station Area

Bus: 100 Kita-Shinai Line (western route 西まわり) bus bound for Jidosha Gakko, Joyama Koenguchi(城山公園口) stop; 20 min (¥210)
OR 41 Okada Line bus bound for Yamashiroguchi(山城口), Joyama Koenguchi(城山公園口) stop; 20 min (¥200)
OR 45 Alps Koen Line bus bound for Matsumoto Bus Terminal, Hokoji(放光寺) stop; 13 min (¥260); only 2 buses per day

Alps Park


Less crowded than some of the other flower-viewing spots, there are trails for exploring and areas for picnicking under the blossoms. You’ll also find a look-out area with a full view of the Japan Alps. Cherry trees in Alps Park bloom a little later than those in downtown areas such as the castle.

Hours & Admission

9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. FREE

Access from Matsumoto Station Area

Bus: 45 Alps Koen Line , Alps Koen(アルプス公園, the terminal) stop; 20 min (¥340); only 2 buses per day