Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Around Matsumoto

mar, Avr 3, 2018
Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Around Matsumoto

The cherry blossoms around many parts of Matsumoto are coming into full bloom! Here are the blossoms in a few spots in or around the central area as of this week. Don’t forget, you can check the cherry blossom forecast here.

Matsumoto Castle Moat

The cherry blossoms around Matsumoto Castle are out in all their glory! Starting tomorrow (Wed. April 4th) they will also be lit up at night.

Cherry blossoms around the moat

Cherry blossoms by the Taikomon Gate
Cherry blossoms seen through the Taikomon Gate

Matsumoto Castle Honmaru Garden

If you go inside the inner garden of Matsumoto Castle, you can see both regular cherry trees as well as the beautiful weeping cherry trees!

A weeping cherry tree in the Honmaru Garden

Matsumoto Castle beyond the pink blossoms
Matsumoto Castle from beneath the cherry trees
Full bloom!

Yohashira Shrine/Nawate Street

Right in front of Yohashira Shrine along Nawate Street and the river are a couple of wonderful cherry trees that are perfect for snappy photos. You can even enjoy a picnic beneath the flowers on the Metoba River.

Cherry blossoms in front of Yohashira Shrine

Cherry blossoms on the Metoba River
A perfect picnic location!

Susuki River

The river is one of the best places to enjoy the cherry blossoms while biking, jogging, or walking, as the row of trees goes on for a few kilometers!

The long footpath along the Susuki River

If the sky were clearer, you would also be able to see the Japan Alps

Tosenji Temple

Tosenji Temple is in the Satoyamabe area east of downtown (map). Its weeping cherry tree is a sight to see in front of the temple’s beautiful architecture. You might even get greeted by the temple kitty 😉

Tosenji Temple
Tosenji Temple’s weeping cherry tree
A cherry blossom curtain!